Berkeley Lab Report Finds Storage Attachment Rates Jumped 50% Under Nem 3.0

On December 15, 2022, the California Public Utilities Commission passed an overhaul of the net-metering program for the
Solar Power World 1:29 pm on May 16, 2024

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The California residential photovoltaic (PV) market has experienced significant impacts due to the newly implemented NEM+ program. Storage adoption rates have surged from 10% pre-NB to over 60%, with battery installations reaching nearly half of all new PV systems in Q4 2023. The effects on California's solar market are expected to become clearer as the initial backlog clears and a stable NBT environment takes hold, according to Berkeley Lab researchers.

  • <li><code class="bold">Increased storage adoption rate: Solar energy storage systems have seen an impressive growth from 10% pre-NBT program (Negative Branding) to over 60%, with battery installations accounting for nearly half of new PV setups in the last quarter.
  • <li><code class="bold">Market influence of NEM+: California's residential PV market is being reshaped by the National Energy Market Plus program, with anticipated clearer insights in future performance as a new equilibrium under NBT conditions settles.
  • <li><code class="bold">Berkeley Lab Report: The Berkeley Lab study highlights the significant market impact of NEM+ on California's solar industry, indicating a trend shift in PV and storage installations.
  • <li><code class="bold">Solar Industry Trends: This summary focuses on the transformative impact of policy changes within California's solar energy sector, specifically regarding photovoltaic systems and their associated storage solutions.
  • <li><code class="bold">Need for Continued Monitoring: To fully understand the NEM+ program's long-term effects on the solar market, ongoing observation of its evolving landscape is necessary.

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