Community Solar Legislation Awaits Governor's Signature in Alaska

Senate Bill 152, -úSaving Alaskans Money with Voluntary Community Energy,-Ě has passed the Alaska State Legislature and
Solar Power World 5:33 pm on May 16, 2024

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Community solar initiatives offer low-cost renewable energy, accessible to all Alaskans. Increasing U.S. policies and 6.6 GW installed capacity showcase the sector's growth; The Alaska Center champions this equitable energy transition.

  • Community Solar Advocacy: Highlighting the inclusivity of distributed renewable generation, especially for renters and financially constrained individuals in Alaska.
  • Policy Growth: Expansion from a handful to 22 U.S. states; Over 6.6 GW installed capacity signals substantial growth potential.
  • Alaskan Involvement: The Alaska Center's commitment facilitating community energy reform for greater energy equity.
  • Market Outlook: Wood Mackenzie projects 14 GWDC to be installed nationwide by end of 2028, indicating a significant market expansion.
  • Public Commentary: The article spotlights the author's background and engagement with renewable energy advancements.

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