Doe Invests $71 Million in Solar Manufacturing R&d First Solar, Silfab, Cubic Pv Among Award Winners.

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Solar Power World 3:16 pm on May 16, 2024

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The provided text outlines various solar industry advancements, including innovative extraction methods to recover more Te from copper mining, developing an imaging tool for CdTe PV module damage detection, novel electrical contact design for high-density interconnect in CdTe modules, and advanced inspection technology. These initiatives aim at improving efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness within the solar power sector.

  • Enhanced Te Recovery from Copper Mining: A project by Boulder Solar seeks to improve te extraction processes for more sustainable copper mining.
  • CdTe PV Damage Detection Initiative: Brightspot Automation and First Solar develop technologies for early damage detection, increasing module efficiency.
  • Advanced CdTe Module Design by First Solar: Aims to scale high-density interconnect design, resulting in higher efficient and cost-effective modules.
  • Tau Sciences' MANTIS Inspection Tech: Enables non-contact detection of CdTe module defects, enhancing investor confidence.

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