Radian Generation Acquires Utility Scale Cybersecurity Firm Pcs

See how Radian Generation enhances its utility-scale compliance and cybersecurity services with Proven Compliance
Solar Builder Magazine 8:05 pm on May 14, 2024

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Radian Generation acquires PCS, enhancing its expertise in cybersecurity for utility-scale solar and renewable energy projects. The acquisition aligns with the increasing growth of renewables and their compliance complexities. With a seasoned team and specialized services including mock audits, PCS is well-positioned to support customers under NERC Reliability Standards.

  • Acquisition: Radian Generation acquires cybersecurity firm PCS.
  • Industry Context: As renewable energy adoption grows, compliance with standards becomes critical.
  • Expertise and Services: PCS offers specialized services such as mock audits and compliance support to utility-scale solar projects.
  • Partnership Value: The acquisition positions Radian Generation favorably within the renewable energy sector's expanding landscape.
  • Strategic Partner: 424 Capita, a capital partner specializing in technology and tech-enabled services sectors, backs this expansion.
Category Selection: Renewable energy, specifically Solar

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