Will Biden's New 100% Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles Affect E Bikes

The Biden Administration announced sweeping new tariffs on imported goods from China, including increasing tariffs on
Electrek 9:20 pm on May 14, 2024

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The Biden administration has announced new tariffs on imported electric vehicles (EVs) from China, with uncertainty surrounding the inclusion of EV categories affecting e-bikes. Historically, exemptions for these products have been granted but require renewal and carry gaps in between. This situation creates an uncertain future for e-bike importers until a definitive list is released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

  • New U.S tariffs: The Biden administration has introduced sweeping new tariffs on imported EVs from China.
  • Uncertainty around e-bikes: Due to historical exemptions and gaps in renewal, it's unclear if e-bikes fall under these tariffs until a CBP list is released.
  • Historical precedence of exclusions: Previous exemptions for EV products like e-bikes could influence future categorization within the new tariffs.
  • Impact on US market: The absence or inclusion of e-bikes in these tariffs may significantly impact domestic and international trade dynamics related to this sector.
  • Lack of clarity from administration: The Biden administration has yet to provide a detailed list categorizing which EVs are affected, creating uncertainty for importers.


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