Enhancing Photovoltaic Thermal Module Performance With Tesla Valves

Scientists in China have demonstrated a photovoltaic-thermal system that utilizes Tesla valves to increase cooling and
PV Magazine International 1:12 pm on May 15, 2024

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Chinese researchers developed a PV-T system employing Tesla valves to improve cooling efficiency and overall performance. The study, published in Scientific Reports, demonstrated superior thermal and electrical efficiencies compared to traditional cross-sectional structures, with optimal parameters being 30 degrees and a diameter ratio of 1:1.

  • Tesla valves used for enhanced cooling: Researchers utilized Tesla valves in a PVT system to increase fluid vortices, improving heat transfer.
  • Electrical and thermal efficiencies analyzed: The design yielded an electrical efficiency of 16.32% and thermal efficiency of 59.65%, surpassing traditional structures' performance.
  • Optimal parameters identified: An angle of 30 degrees and diameter ratio of 1 were found to be most effective for the Tesla valves in the system.
  • Potential application with nanofluids considered: The research team plans further investigation into the use of nanofluids within their PV-T configuration for enhanced cooling and storage.
  • Research published in Scientific Reports: Detailed findings were documented in a scientific report, accessible under Creative Commons License.


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