Smappee Ev Wall Charger Launched in United States, Uses Ai to Manage Costs

Meet the new Smappee EV Wall charger: AI-enabled electric vehicle charging that incorporates solar power, at homes or
Solar Builder Magazine 4:21 pm on May 16, 2024

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The Smappee EV Wall charger, launched in the U.S., leverages AI to optimize solar power usage during daytime charging and avoids peak demand periods or penalties, ensuring full charges for electric vehicles without needing electrical upgrades. The sleek design includes a functional LED light and offers remote accessibility via the Smappee App.

  • Launch in U.S.: Smappee EV Wall charger introduced with AI capabilities for optimized solar charging.
  • AI Integration: Manages costs by avoiding high-demand periods and penalties while ensuring full vehicle charges.
  • Design & Features: Includes a functional LED light, sleek design for safety, and remote accessibility through the Smappee App.
  • Solar Power Management: Directly connects to solar power with built-in forecasting technology.
  • Installation & Support: Utilizes certified installers and backed by Smappe's top-rated support team.
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