Solarpower Europe Presents Agrisolar Digital Map

SolarPower Europe has developed an agrisolar digital map showcasing more than 200 projects across 10 European countries,
PV Magazine International 4:21 pm on May 16, 2024

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SolarPower Europe has published an agrisolar digital map detailing over 200 projects across Europe, demonstrating how agriculture and solar energy can coexist. The map showcases various agrisolar technologies and initiatives to support crop diversity and biodiversity conservation.

  • Agrisolar Digital Map:
  • Over 200 Projects Across Europe: Highlighting the synergy of agrarian activities with solar energy.
  • Various Technologies Used: Ground-mounted, inter-row, and farm rooftop PV systems among others tailored for diverse agricultural needs.
  • Biodiversity Initiatives: Integrating flora and fauna conservation within agrisolar projects.
  • Guidance Released: Best practices and guidelines available in Franc, Catalonia, and Czechia to foster the adoption of agrisolar technology.
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